Custom Ply Furniture

We make custom plywood furniture to perfectly fit the space in your home. You use our web interface to adjust the size of the furniture you want, and we use modern manufacturing technology to build a one-off just for you. Now you can build everything in your home to fit perfectly. No more awkward gaps and protruding drawer fronts. At Custom Ply Furniture every piece fits as measured. We make everything here, in every size.

Birch plywood coffee table side view
White hairpin legs on an oak floor
Birch plywood single drawer unit
Birch plywood edge-grain
Drawer detail of single drawer unit
Birch plywood edgegrain table leg
 Birch plywood table top with rounded corner
Birch plywood coffee table edge grain detail

We make bedside tables, single drawer units, bookcases, desks, and dining room tables, and our range is expanding all the time... Browse our web shop to adjust any of our furniture to fit your space...


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